Insight About Eucatex Group

Eucatex was created in 1951 and commenced operations in 1954 in Salto, being the first Brazilian company to use raw materials from eucalyptus trees to manufacture ceiling panels and tiles. The business has evolved and expanded over the years, and today, the company is able to meet the demands of manufacturers of furniture, cars and toys, doors and plates as well as industrial and construction materials. Eucatex group focuses its operations in the furniture and construction industries. Eucatex operates under a complex of three factories: The first one deals in production of paints, plates and varnishes which is based in Salto, flooring works and panels production located in Botucatu, and also the forestry unit.

In 2010, Eucatex established an industrial unit in Salto, Sao Paulo that deals in the production of T-HDF/MDF. In the same year, Eucatex ventured into the waterproofing segment where it launched an exclusive line of operation to prevent and fight against infiltration and moisture. The company has manufactured two products that would cater for this need. In the furniture industry, Eucatex is among the largest suppliers of MDP, wood fiber plates and Tamburato in the market. These products are manufactured using the latest technology and pure eucalyptus wood, they are used in the construction of furniture used in residential areas, hotels, offices and shopping facilities.

Eucatex’ sustainability is guaranteed by vast area of forest land in the state of Sao Paulo. It is recognized internationally for its sustainable development practices, making it earn global certification and awards. The mission of Eucatex is to utilize natural resources in a sustainable manner in order to benefit from renewable forests that promote social growth. The vision of the company is to be innovative, respect and conserve environment, provide conducive working environment for its employees and facilitating social integration with neighboring communities. The values of Eucatex include teamwork, commitment, transparency, encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity.

LinkedIn indicates that Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex group, the role he assumed in 1997. He began working at the company in 1987 in the trading division. After almost ten years at the trading department, he moved to the industrial section and shortly afterwards joined the team of executives. His hard work, dedication and commitment earned him the opportunity to become the president of the company. Flavio Maluf is developing new strategies that will ensure Eucatex has new invested in products that would attract clients from all parts of the world.  That’s part of the strategy Flavio put into tips for entrepreneurs coming up.

Flavio Maluf has given an insight about the expected merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical, which should create three different entities in two years. The companies will focus on agriculture sector, science of materials and special products as Flavio explains. He believes that this merger would not encounter problems, although fierce competition with other giants in the sector cannot be disputed.  Flavio has a full bio on Camara Barbacena, about his career.

About Brenda Wardle’s Views On The Woke Movement In South Africa

Similar with very many other parts of the world, South Africa has an increased demand for internet usage in the last couple of years. People have become more conscious of what is happening around them and through social media, they are able to create awareness and promote cohesion. In the last couple of weeks, the country’s online fraternity has been abuzz with conversations that have been strongly ridiculing some racist remarks that were made by Chris Hart, Justin van Vuuren and Penny Sparrow.

On Hart’s case, he got suspended from his high flying bank job and together with the other two, they are facing charges laid against them. The South African online movement is referred to as Woke. It has become such a conscious movement such that everyone pays attention and takes note of it. Internet users in South Africa are politically and socially conscious at all times and together, they mobilize one another through Twitter because all of them are in a position to see through the hype and see the real issues affecting them.

Although the movement is faceless, it has proved to be very strong when matters related to challenging traditional narratives are concerned and especially in matters where human rights have been oppressed. The movement makes proper use of memes and hashtags to drive their message home. The movement has a very firm stand that whoever stands in the way of true transformation should be dealt with regardless of their race, ethnic background or tribe.

According to Brenda Wardle, a South African prominent analyst on legal matters, the movement is an attestation that society has come of age when matters human rights are concerned. She recognizes the fact that the South African constitution gives all people the power to exercise human rights, but it does not mean that some people use the freedom of speech to infringe on other people’s basic human rights.

She said that all and sundry should acknowledge the fact that freedom of expression is limited by specific clauses in the constitution. According to her, the three accused of spreading racism propaganda unlawfully and intentionally prejudiced the rights of all black South Africans by describing them as equal to apes, monkeys and other animals.

Brenda is not new to the law analysis stage both in her country and abroad. She is a regular in almost all major court cases the most recent being the Oscar Pistorius trial. She has also written extensively on law and procurement procedures in South Africa.

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Premium Dog Foods Deliver On Expectations

Premium dog food is far from a novelty product. Owners who wish to take the best possible care of their favorite canine purchase these higher-end selections due to the ingredients. Both wet and dry premium dog food is filled with vitamins and nutrients designed to support a healthier diet. As more owners become aware of the benefits of premium dog food, sales are surging. The Daily Herald reveals the incredible figures, and those figures are impressive. The pet food industry generates upwards of $24 billion per year in revenues. Once a small niche in the industry, premium foods are growing tremendously in market share. Roughly $10.5 billion in annual revenue sales come from premium dog food brands. Purina’s Beneful line is a perfect example of a successful premium brand. Beneful offers a wide range of ingredients in its various products. Meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains, and even pasta are blended into various ingredient mixes. The dry food and treats sold under the Beneful banner are equally impressive. Many nutrients are added to these items to support dogs with particular needs. Dry foods with extra carbohydrates and protein are examples of dietary supplements. Facebook article notes the increased popularity of premium dog foods has led to more top retail stores carrying the brands. Greater access to premium selections has, in turn, noticeably contributed to the increase in sales figures. Access is not driving up sales figures absent quality. A great deal of work is employed during the manufacturing process. Only the finest ingredients are selected. Even after cooking the ingredients, more quality control is instituted. Batches that do not make the grade are removed. All of this is done to ensure premium food always maintains its gourmet standards. Customers do deserve to get what they pay for.

Yeonmi Park’s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park cannot stand emotionless when it comes to telling others about her escape from North Korea. With tears in her eyes and sorrow in her voice, Park told a reporter at The NY Times that people should not laugh and joke about Kim Jong-Un. “They always make jokes about his weight and his haircut,” Yeonmi said. The tears streaked her face as her voice quivered. “People that live in this paradise, this heaven, make the jokes. He has killed people and had 25 million more he can kill. To me, Kim Jong-Un is not a joke.” Yeonmi’s family fled North Korea on a cold night in 2007. Her sister, Eunmi, had left prior with a friend. Her father was in prison, and this left only Yeonmi and her mother to the care of the hired smugglers. The group of men led the pair across the half-frozen landscape. “I was scared. I was hurting. I just kept running and running,” Yeonmi recalled on casey&yeonmi. When she and her mother reached China, one of the men tried to rape Yeonmi. The attempt was diverted by her quick-thining mother, who offered herself in Yeonmi’s place. The two were then sold into slavery to one of the smugglers. Yeonmi was forced to marry their captor and into a life of prostitution. Yeonmi withheld many details from her memoir, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Yeonmi noted that people are held accountable for criminal action through association and due to that fact, she hoped to protect her family by changing names or skipping out on some of the details. Yeonmi and her mother were freed from captivity after a few years, and the two decided to leave for South Korea. They were living in China illegally and feared deportation to North Korea. Yeonmi and her mother were detained in Mongolia for several weeks before they were sent to South Korea. “We could not even have imagined this,” Yeonmi said. “There was a democracy and freedom. There was food. It made me so happy to have food.” Yeonmi undertook studies at a university in Seoul and had begun work as a human rights activist.

How CCMP Capital Helps Companies Achieve Their Objectives

CCMP Capital is a global equity private equity firm that has so far managed to invest not less than $16 billion in growth equity and buyout transactions since 1984. The company has a global reputation of helping clients in North America and Europe achieve their financial goals in a much easier manner. The company operates in four targeted industries and it partners with very good management teams and together with its proprietary operating resources and deep industry knowledge, it makes it much easier for operational efficiency and growth in companies.

The company has been operational as an independent firm since August 2006. However, that does not refrain the firm’s investment professionals to continue managing the private equity portfolio of J.P Morgan Partners. The firm has a strict investment focus of investing between $100 million and $500 million worth of equity in every transaction in companies that range from $250 million to $2 billion in size. The company is well known when matters related to providing real estate diversification products are concerned to companies that are still founder owned.

On top of that, the firm also enables corporate curve-outs and management buyouts. When matters related to taking public companies private, CCMP Capital is also very well respected and known. It also helps developing businesses grow as well as equitizing capital structures that are over-levered.

CCMP Capital partners with managers of the companies it is investing in so as to be able to come up with the best investments plans. The partnership is aimed at developing a shared vision for the future of the business because it is able to define the most crucial value drivers. When both parties agree on strategic objectives, the firm’s operating and investment professionals are able to monitor the progress of the initiative because of its frequent interaction with the management.

The firm suffered a big setback when it lost its Chief Executive Officer, Steve Murray in 2015. He was known as ‘Steve’ by those who were close with him. Many remember him for his passion to deliver excellence at work as well as Steve Murray unwavering dedication to helping those below his rank at the different companies he worked in.

Steve Murray was among the most respected private equity investors and philanthropists of his time. He did not shy away from helping community projects and organizations that were geared towards improving the living standards of the community at large.

His experience and dedication also came very handy for the different company boards that he was sitting in before his demise. Steve Murray on crunchbase is an exemplary example of someone who gave his best in everything that he did and indeed; left a legacy that will be remembered and looked upon by younger generations.

Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle Wake People Up To The Reality Of Racism

Now that social media communities have become a sphere through which individuals discuss their views on race, the progressive organization Woke Twitter has decided to chime in. Specifically, they wake up people up to the reality of racism in the contemporary world by drawing attention to intentionally, explicitly racist comments that appear in the social media world. Based on the view that the “Rainbow Nation” construction of the world is false, the supporters of Woke Twitter advance the idea that discrimination against people of color is a global issue that needs to be acknowledged, addressed, and resolved. Recently, Woke Twitter supporters drew attention to the racist statement of Penny Sparrow. In discussing the blacks of South Africa, Sparrow used language insinuating that they are like animals. Woke Twitter supporters condemn the comment as a conspicuous representation of the very racism that they seek to identify and eradicate.

Brenda Wardle’s Suppositions Regarding Sparrow’s Statement

Like the Woke Twitter supporters, Brenda Wardle has offered a lucid, piercing criticism of Sparrow’s assertion regarding the animality of black people in South Africa. Specifically, Wardle notes that the statement damages the dignity of people of color. Wardle also notes that there are limitations to free speech and freedom of expression. She argues that these freedoms are limited by clauses found in the constitution, and that Sparrow’s statement prejudiced the rights of all blacks from South Africa.

Who Is Brenda Wardle?

In reading the legal commentary submitted by Brenda Wardle regarding Sparrow’s racist statement, many people may want to know more about her background. Wardle is a legal analyst, and delineating the implications that the law has on every day aspects of life is one of her passions. Currently, Wardle is furthering her education in the legal field by studying at the University of South Africa.

Woke Twitter Will Continue Pushing Progressives Forward

Now that the reality of online racism has become apparent to more and more people, progressives all over the world are calling for a counter-movement that openly addresses and condemns these manifestations of anti-black sentiment and hatred. The supporters of Work Twitter play an integral role in this progressive movement, and they are also interested in challenging manifestations of sex-based oppression and hatred. By pushing other progressives to raise consciousness regarding these forms of oppression in the online sphere, the Woke Twitter community keeps the dream of an anti-racist future alive.

Check out Brenda Wardle’s coverage of the Oscar Pistorius Trial:


Securus Technologies Improves Video Visitation and Communications Between Prisoners and Their Families

No one wants to see their loved ones getting incarcerated, but it happens sometimes. I have had several family members that have been locked behind bars and I know the pain that they are going through. They are more than glad to get visitation from family members, but the reality is that they do not always have the support system they need. Sometimes it can be a great inconvenience for family members on the outside to make that trip to see inmates. Fortunately, Securus Technologies has done something wonderful to improve inmate communication between prisoners and their families. 

The technology that has been brought to the market by Securus makes it easy for people to communicate with their families. People have the ability to see their family members via video visitation without even going to the prison, and I think that this is a wonderful concept. I have been able to utilize this communication to see my family members that are in prison. All that I had to do is set up a Securus account. I already had a webcam so it has become a lot more convenient to connect with family members that are currently incarcerated. I do believe that this is a great new innovative way to effectively utilize technology. 

The great thing about this concept is that multiple family members can all come together and start a video visitation with someone that is in prison. That is a good thing because I have a cousin that has a grandmother that is too sickly to get to a prison. I also have some smaller nieces and nephews that are frightened by that thought of going to a prison. With the Securus Technology I can pull the family together and we can all have a conversation with my cousin at one time. 

Securus also gives people the option to use At-Home visitation through their smart devices. This is excellent because it eliminates the stress and hassle to getting to a prison campus. It can be an eerie place to visit, and I would prefer the At-Home visitation over traveling to a prison. This technology isn’t in all prisons yet because this is still new and innovative. I would hope one day that these video communication systems would be implemented in all prisons. People that are locked away on the inside need to communicate with family to stay encouraged while they are away.

The Continuation of Town Residential’s Growth

Town Residential is one of the top real estate company’s in New York City. This real estate firm that offers individualized attention to each client with the mission to find the perfect luxury apartment in the perfect neighborhood. Town Residential is a five year old company that has recently released their report for the past quarter as well as the entire year of 2015.

It has been reported that Town Residential has seen an increase in sales prices with a 5.2 percent gain. In addition to this, Town Residential has reported to have a 16 percent higher gain than the year prior to 2015.

Manhattan is seeing record prices that continue to go up as the amount of property goes down and the demand for property continues to grow. 2015 has set records for both demand for real estate as well as the deals in prices that have been made in order to obtain real estate in New York City. Town Residential is a real estate firm that specializes in luxury apartments and finding the perfect apartment for each individual. Town Residential is able to personalize each experience that continues to add positive reviews to Town Residential’s already excellent customer service.

The Financial Professional In His Element

Brad Reifler is a financial professional and the Forefront Group CEO, a Forefront Assets Management. This is a board of advisors that is aimed at providing experienced guidance in the forex markets as well as the world of commodities. Reilfer is a qualified professional in this field, with a proven track record of success. He has an experienced person with more than three decades of solid business experience.

He attended Bowdoin College and graduated with a Political Science and economics degree . in the year 1982, he founded his first company by the name Reifler Trading Incorporation. This firm specialized in worldwide derivatives and attained a carve a successful niche called the Refco that ended up purchasing the entire firm.

At hat instance, Brad decided to take a careful turn to seize the opportunity and founded the company by the name Pali Capital. He achieved his greatest success through this second company. During his tenure while he was serving as the company’s CEO and Chairman, Reifler took and propelled the company to heights above earning $200 million in profits alone. The company has profits in the entire United States, Australia, and the UK.

Reifler is currently working for an advisor as the Forefront Advisory CEO that specializes in providing ultimate professional advice to forex and commodity traders.  Given his history of providing various investment tips and strategies, he definitely is suited to the position. The community market is very volatile as explained by Brad. This is same to the foreign exchanges. This is the reason why many seek the professional advice that has more than three decades of business experience that is only given by Brad for anyone that wants to make more profits and a lifetime investment.

Reifler has extensively spoken about how all people can be involved in the investment world. This includes the numerous public appearances where he talks about what the lower and middle classes can do to make a brighter future with a good investment. This kind of advice has been looked upon keenly by corporations like MarketWatch, Reuter news as well as Yahoo finance.

Reifler is continuing to be one of the most outspoken professional business individuals, and as one of the solid members of the community in philanthropic activities as well as helping them get new ways to lay investment and have a carefully planned future, and find the kind of financial freedom they seek.

The New York Forefront has announced one of the recent ventures and initiatives. Unlike the other investment programs, the forefront Trust incomes can cater for the non-attributed investors. Brad says that for far too many years now he was only focusing on a reduced group of the accredited investors only. Those that have been found to make more than 200,000 dollars in net worth without counting their houses. The founder of Forefront capital stated that he is shifting everything to those investors that have not been accredited.

Greg Hague’s From Rags to Riches Story Using The Real Estate Market

Greg Hague was an average guy living the dream of selling homes. He’s from the Scottsdale, Arizona area and loved the market there. One day, he contemplated how he could change the way real estate was sold and make his mark on the industry. He was successful, but he wanted more and he wanted to show people how they could have financial freedom and avoid the feast or famine structure of selling homes. His idea spawned into a mega website and an impressive training program, Real Estate Mavericks, that revolutionized the industry.

Hague was satisfied with the 50 or so listings that his branch in Scottsdale handled. He was the broker and had a few agents that sat underneath him. He was making good money, but the industry is filled with so many ups and downs that he had a hard time keeping good agents. His idea was to take the marketing campaigns that many stores utilize and apply it to the housing market. The theory is that stores use a few items to lure customers into their establishment. While they are in there, they will purchase more than just what’s on sale. The end result is that their bottom line on one item decreases, but their overall revenues are up due to this marketing tactic. Now to apply this to the housing market would be difficult, but he figured it out.

His website, 990 Sells Homes, would be a port for realtors to be able to sell multiple homes. The real purpose is that behind this site is tons of people who will list their home with the hopes of selling it for only $990 in commission. They only way they can sell for that price is if they help market their home. If they hold their own open houses and do various other things to market, they can sell without realtors having to do too much work. If they are the ones that bring the sale to the table, then they will sell their home for less than one thousand dollars. However, if the realtor sells the home, then they will still be required to pay the full commission rate. It’s a gamble that many who want to list their homes are willing to take.

Part of the biggest problem with selling a home is that most people don’t want to pay the commission. This site is meant to unite both buyers and sellers and allow them to help each other. 990 Sells Homes has real estate agents all over the country that represent clients across the states. They quickly respond to the needs of the sellers and also assist buyers. Buyers can scroll through the web pages and find hundreds of homes in their area that are priced to move. It’s a win-win for all involved, the sellers sell way more houses and the buyers have a larger inventory to choose from.

Realtors are able to take their feast or famine commission schedules and utilize the methods of the site to have a steady income. The more volume you have the more homes that can be sold. It’s been an answer to pray for everyone involved in the real estate market.