Coriant As A Leader In Networking Solutions

Coriant offers world class technology. Their trained staff strive to create innovative solutions to every day issues in business. They offer ways to reach connections ad prospective clients around the world. State of the art technology allows them to reach not only local and regional clients, but also to have a worldwide impact.

Their present Chief Executive Officer has the vision and determination to catapult Coriant into new areas and expand their client base. Shaygan Keradpir has the experience that will not only aid in expansion but also in garnering new clients from around the world. He has more than 28 years experience working as an executive with top companies.

Coriant was founded by Marlin Equity Partners. They presently have more than 500 clients worldwide and this number continues to grow yearly. Their operations cover more than 100 countries. They have more than 35 years experience in the networking business. Their collective staff offers more than 100 years experience in their fields.

Coriant delivers networking products and services. They offer intelligent network management that can handle large and small organization needs. No matter what the needs of the organization Coriant has hardware and software solutions that can maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Through data, voice, and mobile networks, they have the answers to enhance communications, sales, and bottom lines.

Shaygan Kheradpir started in the lower management ranks of the company. Through hard work and perseverance he has risen to the office of the top management. He has a PhD in Engineering from Cornell University. Staying on p of the latest and greatest innovations is what he does. This allows for changes when needed in Coriant focus and services, as well as keeping Coriant at the top of the networking pile.

The Chairman of the company is Robert Leggett. He also feels that optimizing the advantage of Coriant in a competitive world s in the best interests of both the company and their clients. The bottom line, while it is important for company health, is not the primary focus of Coriant. They feel their clients are an important facet for not only company health, but survival in the future years.

Better solutions for a better future with sharper, clearer communications across a number of applications. This is what Coriant does and will continue to enhance for many years to come. Trust the company with excellence in delivery and services as well as leadership.

Darius Fisher’s Who Knows What To Do For Online Reputations

It is not an easy task to keep up with all that is being said about one online, but it is important that one do that in order to keep their image clean. They will have to Google their name and find out everything that has been said about them, so that they can know the best plan to clean up their image. An online image is everything in this modern day, and if one is wanting to get a good job, then they will want to clean up their online reputation. So, to start off, they will have to first fix and take down all of the bad things that they can. And after that, they will have to get started posting some good content on themselves. By doing all of this they will be giving themselves a reputation they can feel proud of.
There are many good things about Darius Fisher, and one of the best things about him is the hard work that he puts into his career as the president of Status Labs. He wants to give everyone the opportunity to have a good online image, and he works hard to make that happen through the things that he does for his company. He gives advice to all of those who need it, and everyone should take the things that Darius Fisher says to heart. He’s a smart man, and he knows what he is doing when it comes to online reputation management.
There are few people who know more about keeping good online images than Darius Fisher does, and that is part of what makes him so special. When someone sees all of the things that he as to say they should feel impressed. He’s a smart man, and he is willing to give his advice to all.

Real Estate Money Market

A part of Nashville’s largest industrial organizations has just recently made a deal paying out just under $2 million for 44 acres on Brick Church Pike.
The goal is to use this newly acquired land to build a new warehouse.

The Panattoni Development organization is planning to start building on this month of Skyline Distribution Park. It will offer 600,000 square feet of available space in a group of three buildings. It is expected to be completed by fall 2016, it most likely will be part of Davidson County’s first Class warehouse land built without the use of hands in over six years.

The bordering land Panattoni obtained from the Oman family comes with 33 acres on Southerland Drive and 11 acres down the street across from West Trinity Lane.

The three pre planned warehouses of 375,000, 125,000 and 100,000 square feet will be easily noticeable from nearby Interstates. They will provide space for users between the sizes from 20k square feet to 375k square feet.

Alston Construction, Panattoni’s trusted contract partner, puts together Skyline Distribution Park. JLL is the exclusive leasing agent associated with Bo Fulk, a nearby vice president working the commercial real estate firm, and associate broker Jimmy Armistead oversees the progress.

The development team has just delivered the one million square foot Under Armour warehouse location in Mt. Juliet where they are developing a pair of 600,000 sq ft offices at CenterPointe Distribution Park in La Vergne.

Nashville’s Music Row, Panattoni is finishing off the project of a five-story, 98,000-square-foot building. SESAC will be the occupying the land with the Country Music Association also using the area.

During the third quarter of 2015, local industrial changes up its tactics. Real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield Nashville took notice that auto manufacturing, language specialists and construction centers are giving in to a healthy industrial real estate market, where there has been and industrial product not keeping up for the past few years.

The empty state for all industrial space has decreased a full percentage point since the beginning of the year to 5.5 percent, which is considered the lowest point.

Scott Lumley’s life is a remodeling agency that focuses on taking old run down property and fixing it up. Scott Lumley is the current principal member and got his education at university of Tennessee.

In the past Scott Lumley was the president of Large-Lots Inc working on set up retail liquidation. Another position he served as is president of Nashville Broncos which was a startup basketball franchise. Lumley now works for Resolve Financials.

Newark CEDC Hires New CFO to Initiate Growth in Future Years

Newark CEDC Names Kevin Seawright as CFO
In May of this year, Newark’s Community Economic Development Corp. announced the new joining of Kevin Seawright as Chief Financial Officer. The entity began a decade ago as Brick City Development Corporation, but revamped its organization and changed its name in 2014. Kevin Seawright, meanwhile, has expertise in accounting, operations and a myriad of capital interests. This made him a natural for extending the Newark CEDC mission.

CFO Seawright shows on his resume that he worked for more than 13 years for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. He bettered many communities on the East Coast. His experience is heavy in financial management for government agencies, largely thanks to his executive leadership certification from Notre Dame:
• Kevin Seawright, Managing Fiscal Officer, Baltimore’s Comm. On Aging and Retirement
• Implemented accounting system saving $100,000
• Payroll Director of Housing Authority of Baltimore City
• Finance Director of Homeless Services
• Chief Financial Facilities Officer for Recreation and Parks
• Deputy City Operating Officer in Education
• Strategic partner director for Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors, Washington, DC

Newark CEDC benefits include:

State level tax credits and exemptions,
provides discount ads at movie theaters,
provide business counseling services for small business owners,
real estate loans for large projects,
issuing facade improvement grants,

How Newark CEDC and Kevin Seawright Work Together for Newark.
CFO Seawright is an accounting project management professional. Always actively involved in the community, Kevin Seawright was advisory board member for sports entity Babe Ruth Museum and a coach for local sports teams. He is an active member of:
• American Society for Public Administration
• National Forum for Black Public Administrators,
• National Association of Black Accountants.
• Kevin Seawright is active online on LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The strong suits of Kevin Seawright including economics, government agencies and real estate projects will stand the Newark CEDC in very good stead for the upcoming year and beyond. With his expertise and business acumen, Kevin Seawright has the perfect persona to instigate innovative ideas and projects destined to succeed with the community’s growth. Those working with him in the Newark CEDC will find a unique and valuable impetus for all of their goals in keeping their mission statement.

Award Winning Author Jaime Garcias Credits His Success to His Early Years Teaching Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias, a native of Rio de Janeiro is an award-winning author and a former educator. At the age of 45, he has now written more than 20 fictional books. Dias is quickly rising to the top as one of Brazil’s most well-known and successful authors. Dias recently won Brazil’s ABC Award of Literature. In addition, Dias won the White Crane award in 2002. The White Crane Award is an award that recognizes up and coming Brazilian writers. After winning this award, Dias’s novel Fall From Heaven gained significant popularity in Brazil.

Dias talked about on his blog that he developed an interest in literature and writing at the age of only 15. His father, writer Arnoldo Dias, inspired his son’s interest in writing. Dias enrolled at the University of Rio de Janeiro after his graduation from high school. Dias credits his education at the University of Rio de Janeiro as responsible for molding his unique style of writing and influencing his eventual success in Literature.

After graduating from college, Dias had a notable career in education. He taught at the Carioca Literature Academy for five years and later served as the Vice President at the Carioca Academy. Dias educated students on the many subtleties of writing. Under his management, the school has established itself as one of the most exclusive schools for writers in Brazil.

In addition to his enthusiasm for literature, Dias is committed to helping Brazil’s youth become interested in reading, as reading helps children develop important language skills. Dias has lectured at many schools around Brazil in an effort to talk about the importance of reading and writing, and how these subjects can be made fun and interesting.

Dias’s diverse accomplishments have made him a prominent fictional writer in Brazil with a huge Facebook following. Having so much success in literature, coupled with his solid commitment to educating youth on the importance of literature, has made Dias an inspiration for many Brazilian writers.

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold

It has been reported recently that CEO and founder of the world famous Organo Gold has just celebrated its 39th country in which it has been instituted. This 39th country is Turkey which is one of the best and most prestigious countries to spread the company to. This is due to the fact that Turkey marks the border between Europe and Asia. This border can now be accessed by Organo Gold for the purpose of spreading wealth and education with the help of this transnational corporation.

This new territory allows for Organo Gold to now distribute their many products more regularly and more efficiently from country to country. Turkey will now be able to receive what Organo Gold offers which is a healing remedy that is sold through various beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and many more. The CEO and founder of this company, Bernardo Chua who can be found on Facebook, is especially excited due to the fact that Turkey is where the first coffee shop was ever built way back in the 15th century.

Bernardo Chua crafted Organo Gold to not be just a company with a product, but to also be a company with the goal of spreading education on living a healthy life with the use of the product. What makes Organo Gold so special is the fact that the product uses a special ingredient known as Ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient Chinese remedy that is used to increase energy levels and to improve overall well-being. Ganoderma has been praised by countless users that the ingredient not only relaxes them, but also increases their energy levels that ensures a productive and energetic day.

The health benefits of Ganoderma are what urged Bernardo Chua to pursue creating Organo Gold, a fact he often describes on Twitter. The company itself was founded in 2008 in a little coffee shop in Canada. The product itself is a luxurious item that is sold through interdependent distributors. This means that the distributors are not directly a part of the company, but instead are self-made entrepreneurs. This means that Organo Gold not only emphasizes the importance of well-being, but also creates jobs for people who are either unemployed or are strapped for cash.

Thanks to Bernardo Chua and even the success of his blog, Organo Gold is currently operating in close to 40 different countries. The goal of spreading this product is to also spread education on the importance of living healthy with healthy and natural remedies. Millions of consumers agree with the fact that Organo Gold is a rising force in the coffee business.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber

Becoming a famous YouTuber is not always easy. There are some people who may create a successful and viral video, and they may experience growth after that, but that isn’t always the case for most people. In fact, building a fan base on this video sharing site takes time, commitment, and hard work. The time spent on perfecting your craft and creating only the most memorable content isn’t always an overnight process. Creating videos is one thing, but to get propel watching is another thing.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber

– Create Fun Content

Make it a goal to make fun content that people will want to see. You want people to take notice of you. Your content should be fun, entertaining, and exciting. Videos should also be very targeted since the attention spans of people can be short and quick. Be very to the point with what you post to get people interested.

– Interact

Interact with the people who comment and share your videos. Speak to the people who subscribe to your channel. Any person who is famous and successful on the video sharing site will tell you that being very close to your audience and giving them advice is so important. Interacting with them pays off a whole lot in the future.

Wengie is a great definition of an exciting and experienced YouTuber. She has become quite a huge success over the years and almost reaching more than 800,00 subscribers. Wengie is known mainly for her ability to reach amazing ideas and tricks for makeup and improving one’s overall skin care regimen. She is immensely talented and gifted, and she definitely knows how to teach people the right ways to caring for their skin. Wengie has done very well on sharing who she is with people, and her video vlogs have helped allow people to get a look at her life outside of YouTube videos.

The best part about YouTube is that you can easily connect with people and lead them to using your other social medias like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to better connect with people. Becoming a famous YouTuber is about being engaged with people. People like Shane Dawson, Lilly Singh, and makeup gurus like Wendy know how to bring people in to their lives and share a part of who they are to the world online. With a bit of engagement, you can build your fanbase.

Considering Cosmetic Surgery & Celebrating Dr. Walden

While Hollywood continues to lift the veil on cosmetic surgery with shows like Dr. 90210 and Botched, the accessibility and options that it provides become more obvious and appealing. At one time cosmetic surgery may have seemed like something only celebrities pursued but cosmetic surgery goes well beyond fine lines and wrinkles; cosmetic surgery can change your body inside or out and improve how you feel about yourself in the process.

One of the most important parts of the process is deciding on your surgeon. During this process, remember to take your time and thoroughly do your research. Whatever surgery you are electing to have will likely come with lifelong changes so it is vital that the selection process is not rushed in the excitement.

There are plenty of opportunities in life to be thrifty; choosing your surgeon is not one of those times. The expected cost should be one of the last deciding factors when choosing your surgeon. So what should be the first? Thankfully there are many resources online before you ever step in the office. Most importantly, your surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These distinctions are both searchable at

Your surgeon should also have excellent references as well as years of experience performing the type of surgery you are pursuing. Be prepared to have face to face consultations with multiple doctors; if something does not feel right, trust your gut and be armed with your research.

For those seeking a surgeon in the Texas area, Dr. Jennifer Walden comes highly recommended. Her work has been featured on many media outlets, including Harper’s Bazaar, VH1, E!, and Dr. 90210. Even with all her earned accolades, Dr. Walden gives her patients specialized attention and care, leaving positive testimonials from a multitude of clients.

A Texas girl at heart, Dr. Walden studied and practiced at the best medical centers in New York. Having moved back home to Texas, her practice is highly praised and her work widely regarded as one of the best in the country. When looking for a celebrated beauty surgeon, the search is over when you have reached Dr. Walden.