Windfall for Sanjay Shah

In the last few years, there has been great concern about finances and financial security. That is why hearing stories about those who have turned a profit or been financial successful is so refreshing. One of those stories is about Sanjay Shah and his company, Solo Capital.
The fact that they did so well means good things for this company. Solo Capital is a financial services company that is located in London, England. They have several different specialties. These specialties include proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. These are extremely lucrative fields and look well upon the company as a whole.
The fact that Solo Capital is doing so well is thanks in part to its founder and CEO. The founder and CEO is Sanjay Shah. Sanjay has done many amazing things beyond his work with Solo Capital. He desired to work with autism. That lead him to creating an organization called Autism Rocks.
Autism Rocks is an organization that was originally founded with the help of Snoop Dogg. This organization works with many famous singers to help raise awareness for autism as well as help with autism research. That Sanjay Shah looks beyond business to try to help others speaks very highly for both himself and his company.
The CEO is both a brilliant businessman and a very generous individual. Having someone who knows how to juggle a successful career with a wonderful and generous cause bodes very well for all of those who are looking to do business with the gentleman.

Michael Zomber: Historian Writer

For as long as Michael Zomber can remember, he has always been passionate about writing. He credits himself with being a storyteller at heart and feels like he has so many stories to offer and to tell the world. One day his wife encouraged him to write screenplays, which formed the basis of several of his novels. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Psychology. Michael went on to complete his Master’s Degree in English Literature at UCLA. He currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, Andrea and two young children. His wife is President of Renascent Films, which is an independent film production and distribution company. With their company, Michael was able to write and produce a full-length documentary film titled The Soul of the Samurai. This independent documentary received high praise from critics. He has also written more than a dozen screenplays and historical novels, and has also written a non-fiction book. All of his published works are currently in print and can be found on, at local bookstores, and even at local libraries.

Michael Zomber has also been featured on different TV series, such as History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series where he shares his expertise on antique arms and armor. He has over forty years of antique experience, and is also an expert on Japanese samurai swords, as well as Bushido. This is a man who knows antiques and can tell you anything you need to know regarding these items. He is a guy you can trust to know exactly what he is talking about when it comes to Japanese samurai swords, antique arms and armor. He feels that the world is rich in history and wants to share his knowledge with everyone through storytelling.  Read more about Michael and his passion for history.

Results Announced: The Effect of Wen By Chaz on Thin Hair

This article is a quick recap of a article:
Fashion columnist and now twitter celebrity Emily McClure decided to give WEN a try on her hair. She was aware that she was taking a risk, because not all beauty products work on hair in the ideal way. However, the results she found were surprising.

Day 1: With frizzy hair, Emily applied the cleansing conditioner to her hair, took a shower, then rinsed her hair. She noticed that her hair was somewhat thicker. She says “It actually felt like I had more hair.” She also noticed that less of her hair strands were falling out in the shower.

Day 7: On the final day of her experiment, Emily was still waking up a little early to take a shower and style her hair. She realized her hair looked as great as ever. Her curls were shiny and full.

In her concluding thoughts, Emily says that Wen By Chaz is a fantastic product, especially for those with thinner hair. Just don’t skip a day, she suggests, because continuing the routine is key to achieving the look you want. Whenever she desires a little more shine, she knows that she can add extra conditioner and go through the day with more confidence. And really, that’s the best thing a hair product can provide.

Wen By Chaz is a unique hair care product sold by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a celebrity hair specialist whose client list is filled with A-listers. He has made a name for himself as a zen-like stylist who delivers incredible results.

This promoted brand is unique because it offers a 5-in-1 conditioner that cleanses. You don’t need to use shampoo. This is thanks to the cleanser removing sulfates and adding moisture. The ingredients include soothing chamomile, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract (for soothing your hair), and other healthy additions. Like Wen on facebook:

Why Does OrganoGold Taste So Good Even Today?

Every grower in the world has been under a lot of pressure to do their farming in a specific way that meets the standards of the rest of the industry. The problem with those standards is that they are trying to slowly move people to organic growing while OrganoGold has been organic since it was started. Bernardo Chua runs the company today, and he is trying to do modern things while keeping the company in a really traditional mold.

The tradition at OrganoGold is the organic flavor, and it does taste better than everything else that people are drinking. The organic growing has always made better tea and coffee, and people have always preferred OrganoGold when they taste it. That is why people are selling the tea and coffee privately, and it is why people are selling it on their own. The company allows people to sell out of their homes, and it keeps the tea and coffee in the family.

The family is about to get bigger because Bernardo Chua wants to come over to North America to sell his coffee and tea. There are a lot of people who are going to want to sell these coffees and teas for a profit, and there are even more people who are going to want to buy his new energy drink called Gano Excel. Gano Excel is going to use the organic products in the energy drink, but it is going to make it give people the same energy they would get from other drinks that have chemicals.

The company is planning to keep up its organic growing forever, and they are going to bank on the fact that the energy drink is going to be the most popular part of their lineup. People buy the coffee and tea a lot, but it is not going to be as popular as an organic drink. Something that people love is the way that Gano Excel is giving them a natural option that will fit in with their lifestyle. The lifestyle that people want to keep to is easier to keep when they are using Gano Excel, and it is going to be much easier for people to keep up when they are energetic. Everyone who loves the OrganoGold brand starts selling it, and they are going to teach their kids and families to make sure that they are always customers of OrganoGold.

Bernardo Chua himself is a multiple award winner, and the unique strategy he has devised for Organo really shows his business genius.  In fact, GoLifePro had a great article on Bernardo Chua and what he’s done for Organo to really progress them forward.  It should be recommended reading.  Just as Chua’s YouTube speech to the Organo faithful should be required viewing.

How Does Martin Lustgarten Give Out The Investment Advice People Need?

People need as much investment advice as they can get, but they sometimes have to go outside their normal comfort zone to get the help they need. Martin Lustgarten has all the advice that anyone could need, and he provides it to people who are going to learn about international investing for the first time. The international investment community allows people to invest in any country they want, and Martin Lustgarten wants all his readers and clients to move their money around the way he does.


Martin Lustgarten is a genius investor who knows how to move all his money around, and she shows people the places that are going to be perfect for them. That makes it easy for people to pick the countries where they think they can get the best returns, and he knows that he can show people how to move to many countries if that is what they want to do. There are some people who are not even sure where they will start, but they can, at the very least, get Martin Lustgarten to show them where to put their money. They can even copy what he does if that is going to help them,


Martin Lustgarten is a smart investor who wants to give people as much information as possible, and he plans to show people how they can get better results just by picking out places to invest that make sense for them. He wants people to like where they are investing, and he wants them to feel comfortable. A lot of people who are totally uncomfortable lose money, and other people who are comfortable will make more money most of the time.
The idea that people can invest anywhere is something that Martin Lustgarten ( has been looking at for a long time. He knows that people can move their money around the world, and he knows that people can get back more than what they paid. He moves his own money around like that, and he can show people to get the same kinds of results that he is getting every day.

Dog Food Taking a Turn Toward Tasty

People are starting to look more critically at what they’re feeding to their pets – and their dogs are certainly no exception. While it is true that many pet food companies have been adding real meat and offering organic options for years, smaller companies are being even more health (and taste!) conscious with what they make available. Taking it to the next level are companies like Freshpet Inc. Purina Store and Blue Buffalo Co., boasting gourmet pet food that you as a pet owner might even consider eating. Freshpet offers a dog version of the popular Paleo Diet, and Blue Buffalo sells a kibble that mixes whole grains, fruits, veggies, lamb, and chicken. Craig Giammona wrote for The Daily Herald “sales of the gourmet chow have climbed 37 percent…in the last year” despite the fact that these brands using fresh meat cost twice as much as your usual dog food. (

This new idea seems to be carving out its own corner of the pet food market. The bigger companies are taking notice of how well it’s working and pushing to make their own industry innovations – food specifically for older dogs, customizing your dog’s own personal blend of food, along with corporate acquisitions.

Beneful is doing its part not to be left behind in this. From offering dog treats that promote dental health to their own style of gourmet dog food, both wet and dry, Beneful is making sure they’re able to compete with the likes of Freshpet. As a company they fully stand behind their product, and make efforts to ensure consistency and quality throughout their line of food products.

Whether it be wet or dry dog food, Beneful advertises the inclusion of both grains and vegetables in nearly every option. A variety of flavors (beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, and lamb) are offered in each type of dog food, as well as several options that promote things like healthy weight and increased energy. is certainly making strides to offer healthy and delicious food for your dog at an affordable price on Amazon. (


European Union Might Collapse Says George Soros

George Soros has long been an outspoken advocate for human rights around the world. He was born in Hungary and became a refugee under Jewish persecution. He eventually went on to become a hedge fund investor. After amassing enough personal wealth to live comfortably for the rest of his life, he started the Open Society Foundation to fight communism. He then went on to advocate for other human rights issues around the globe including Africa where he has operated a housing project in Post-Apartheid South Africa on for over 20 years. He also created several university think tanks to discuss and propose active human right’s solutions.

Most recently, George Soros has turned his attention to the refugee crisis, according to an article published via CNBC. In the article, George Soros says that the European Union may be mortally wounded if they do not deal with the refugee situation immediately. While many countries including Turkey, Germany and Hungary have proposed solutions, he believes that all European Union countries must work together to solve the crisis.

Furthermore, he believes that the union on must be supported by other world governments including the United States.

War has forced more than a million refugees to leave the Middle East and Africa in 2015. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 4,194,554 of those refugees are from Syria while 377,747 are from Iraq. Of that number, approximately 6,500,000 Syrians are displaced within the country where there is no promise of the war ending soon. Many of these internally displaced refugees would love to eventually leave the country.

According to George Soros, if the European Union is going to survive, then it must come up with a source of funding quickly. Right now, various governments are providing a little bit of money each year.

George Soros also believes that the European Union must create a unified policy applying it to all of their countries. This policy would allow refugees to understand exactly what they need to accomplish to be able to move to a different country. It would also fund their basic care for the first two years. The plan would also help those countries where refugees are currently living and encourage governments to increase the amount of refugees that they allow to live within their borders.

George Soros warns that the solution must come quickly. Otherwise, the European Union might fall. This would be a dangerous effect because the union must survive to be able to continue favorably trading status. Not having this status could greatly affect many countries gross domestic product.

Recap of Thor Halvorssen Discussing Bernie Sanders on Fox News

Thor Halvorssen was recently interviewed by Trish Regan with Fox News on the topic of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The conversation was primarily geared toward “Bernie’s socialist agenda” as was the running header, and how Sanders’ “socialist” proposals differ from socialist governments.


Halvorssen makes the argument that “socialism is a violation of basic human rights“. He clarifies that statement, however, referring only to a society that is run by an authoritarian government. He further goes on to say that socialist countries and socialist policies are not one in the same. The example Halvorssen gives is Venezuela’s use of price controls, as opposed to free markets which he says can exist under the type of democratic socialism Sanders has proposed.


Regan than shifts the topic slightly to discuss Halvorssen’s personal experience with socialist governments. Halvorssen explains that his father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was “shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez” and his cousin is currently in a Venezuelan prison. Halvorssen explains that Venezuela is an example of how abandoning democratic socialist principles and replacing them with authoritarian rule can be detrimental to liberty.


During the interview, Thor Halvorssen also states that he made a contribution to the Bernie Sanders campaign for president. His reasoning? Because the “current democratic frontrunner” – referring to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – has taken millions from oppressive dictators throughout the world. He also takes a jab at Donald Trump, who is the republican presidential frontrunner, for his support of Vladimir Putin in Russia.


The interview ends with Halvorssen stating clearly that “redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty” but that he would rather place his support behind a democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders, rather than someone who supports dictators.

Business Portfolios Require Proper Management Advise From The Expert

If an investor wants to see legitimate outputs proper management of their investments is something they are required to do not for a short time but even for a decade. Igor Cornelsen; a famous retired Brazilian bank knows what to hold for in business portfolios. Igor disguises the view that investment in stock market is just like a betting game, rather hard work and patience is required in stock market investment.

Investments require long-term commitment and devotion to the market that investments require strategic approaches which are not short term. Stock and commodity investments also require not one huge investment but bits of smaller investments in different holdings. More to it there is the need to have patience if an investor wants to build their portfolio to high levels by agreeing to invest in investments that mature in years.

Igor Cornelsen assures even 500% returns if a person is ready to even go a decade with an investment. As an addition to his portfolio management advice is the need for investors to take companies that have a longer history in the market. New companies may end up sinking with the whole investments rather it is wise to invest in companies who have new ventures because already one has a good idea of how the market is for the company and what it has for returns or any history of experienced losses. To Igor investment is not just a game it’s a place of serious investors, if one is looking to [play games in the market according to Igor, they will never find success.

Igor Cornelsen is a famous investment advisor on and a retired Brazilian banker. He spent most of his career life in Brazil managing the top mot banks in the area. He knows the strategies of succeeding in the Brazilian market and also warns investors of the status of the market. For example now, the country whose currency has been strong for a long time, it is likely to face devaluation. Igor also advises against just investing in any bank in Brazil, and he advises for the top 10 performing banks in the region because they have the potential. Apparently he is concerned about the poor status of the market economy affecting Brazil.

Despite retiring, he still participates in advising many Brazilian banks. He is also an expert in the commodity market and foreign exchange an area he pursues when not pursuing golf his hobby sport. Cornelsen now works with Bainbridge group where he is investing in the stock market. His life is now around South Florida, but he goes back to financial advisories and investments at some point. His career has been long-term in the banking industry; he was the top most bankers in Brazil. Cornelsen continued advice to investors if conducting commodity research in the market before embarking on a venture.

An Open World of An Open Man

Forbes billionaire George Soros generously backing John Kasich is no surprise to many of us whom know how George feels about the other top Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. A recent story on Latino FOX News shares with us a form of insight as to exactly why Mr. George Soros would decide to fund Kasich, but before that we should look back at George’s life to ensure a proper understanding of his position.

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930, surviving the occupation of the Nazi regime fled his country to study economics in England. After graduating from the London School of Economics he decided to settled in the United States where he began to accumulate his wealth through international investment funds. Since foudning Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations George Soros has been known to fund far-left campaigns whom promote a proper education for all and value open society and human rights.
With Georges background we can see as to why he would attempt to stray people away from candidates like Trump and Cruz whom believe in a much different world than Soros. Although it may be puzzling that a man such as George Soros donated almost six-hundred thousand dollars according to bloomberg business to an opposing party member, but it is a simple chess move. Previously during this campaign season we have seen Soros donate around 8 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, therefore we can safely assume where Soros’ allegiance is. When seeing all the information that The Political Insider provides we know Soros is merely attempting to slow down Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz calling out the immigration control solutions to be siren songs to the general population. The backing of Kasich at this time in particular was a successful attempt at slowing down the other Republican candidates in Ohio.