A Look At Ryan Seacrest’s Legacy

If you’ve watched TV over the past two decades, you know who Ryan Seacrest is. The Hollywood mainstay has dozens of reality TV shows under his name, and he continues to produce work. Most of his fans were first introduced to him through his role on American Idol. The hit show focused around a search for musical talent, and its impact was felt throughout pop culture. As the host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) was at the center of it all. American Idol had a long run with its final season closing the show in 2015. Seacrest developed over that time into a household name.

American Idol was the beginning of Seacrest’s rise to fame, but his later work gave him the credentials Hollywood respects. As a producer, he created any of the reality TV shows America has come to love like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The success of the show proved Ryan Seacrest was more than a host. He was able to move behind the scenes, and he actually made something long-lasting. Eventually, he would go from reality TV shows to returning to the front of the camera. That’s when On Air With Ryan came into realization.

In his return to hosting, Ryan Seacrest proved he still had the charisma he gave American Idol years earlier. In contrast to his earlier hosting gigs, these shows aired in the morning. It gave him a chance to understand what his new audience would like. As a morning show host, Seacrest has crafted a new persona for Americans to familiarize themselves with. He seems to be a renaissance man who finds himself comfortable on and off screen. Hollywood success stories rarely involve people handling both sides of production. It’s an honor that makes Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) a distinct name.

In 2018, American Idol is going to return to TV with Ryan Seacrest as its host. After a career filled with success, he’s going to return to where it all began. The lessons he’s learned along the way will change the way he decides to host. The audience is going to be different, but he knows how to handle them.

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Jim Toner Makes It In Real Estate

Jim Toner is a big name in the world of business and investments. Specifically, he has made a name in the world of real estate. Additionally, he is a speaker, a consultant, and hosts radio shows. Throughout his active life, he has given a lot of lectures on the importance of intelligent investing in reals estate. Many people admire his skills in this sector. He explains fundamental theories and complex concepts about real estate in straightforward words. People can easily understand how to invest in this area. His services are in high demand. People spend a lot of money traveling around the nation to attend his insightful programs which dwell on real estate projects. Most of the people have benefited from such presentations and continue to emulate his expertise in this sector.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner is an astute businessman. He has been in the real estate for more than two decades. This is a significant time which can make someone build enough skills to succeed in this challenging business. Throughout his career, he has inspired thousands of people and has made many deals. Perhaps it worth noting that his success comes from reading and doing a lot of research. He reads books as he believes this is the only way he can gain knowledge. Moreover, reading allows one to learn from the mistakes of others. As such, one cannot repeat the same faults. Jim Toner believes that a person does not change if he or she does not read. He encourages people to adopt a reading culture to become successful in life.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) gives useful insights concerning success. He is a firm believer in thinking big and growing big. To him, one does not need to be an expert to make it in life and business. All that is required is for a person to surround himself or herself with the right people. People who can offer challenges meant to make one think bigger. What is more, success needs one to tap into other people’s talents, make use of other people’s time and use other people’s money to generate wealth and make a fortune. This is how he started and nurtured many successful enterprises in his life.

Receiving without giving is not recommendable. Famous business people have always engaged in charity missions as part of their social responsibilities. Some of these people include Carnegie, Bill Gates, and Rockefeller. Jim Toner believes in giving out and assisting other members of the society. As such he is a prominent and active philanthropist. Many people have recognized his charitable missions both at home and abroad. He works closely with the veterans, the less privileged members of the society and the homeless a bid to give them a better life. He belongs to Caring House Project Foundation where he engages in charitable missions. Check Jim’s profile on crunchbase.com.

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Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani traces his career roots from the University of Washington having graduated them. Later on, he started off as a Contracts Manager for the subsidiary company of ADNOC by the name GASCO. His experience from GASCO led him to enter in the catering industry establishing his own venture. The DAMAC owner had his catering venture scale success ladder to serve major markets across the Middle East and Africa with over 200 projects under its name.

Hussain Sajwani later ventured to the property marketing. Having been a pioneer in the industry the DAMAC Owner in the mid-90s went on to build a number of hotels to cater for the growing influx of traders and business people to the Emirates. As a result, Hussain Sajwani picked up the market opportunity in 2002 where he established DAMAC Properties. The firm grew exponentially to build several iconic properties in major cities around the globe such a London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, just to mention but a few.

The DAMAC Owner through his company DAMC Properties has employed approximately two thousand people and his company is on the Dubai Financial Market where it actively trades its shares. DAMAC Properties has successfully completed over twenty thousand eight hundred and eighty units. Hussain Sajwani has seen his company partner with leading fashion and lifestyle brands in the industry such as Versace Home, Bugatti and Just Cavalli to build state of the art luxury apartments.

In the year 2011, DAMAC Properties branched to build its hospitality division by the name DAMAC Hotels & Resorts previously known as DAMAC Maison. The new division provides bespoke services in a capacity of 13000 hotel apartments and rooms. This capacity will see the division be one of the largest apartment operators in the region.

According to Alkhaleej.ae, Hussain Sajwani has built his name vastly to be regarded as one of the influential key Arab figures globally. The DAMAC Owner holds his investment portfolios under the company DICO Investments Co LLC. DAMAC Properties has also partnered with Omran to redevelop a billion-dollar port that will see it have hotels and residential areas. The DAMAC Owner is also the person behind Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, the largest company in the industry of Ceramic Tiles.

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Ryan Seacrest Tries to Make the Most of Life

At 43, Ryan Seacrest knows that he has only so much time and can only do so much because he is only one man. All of his life experiences have informed who he is and have led him to the path he is on today. He works hard to make the most of his life because his time and energy is so limited.

According to the New York Times, Seacrest is still getting used to living and working in New York, after having moved there from Los Angeles last year to host “Live with Kelly Ripa”. He also produces “Keeping Up with the Kashardians”, and “American Idol”. Most mornings Ryan Seacrest gets up at 6am and starts his day with a cup of Matcha, for the health benefits, and usually follows it with a cup of coffee. Shooting for “Live with Kelly Ripa “starts early which is why it’s important that he has simple routine that makes sure he starts his day right. Working out and staying in shape is important to him as well, but with a busy schedule and lots of traveling it can be hard to fit that in. That’s why Ryan Seacrest has an trainer that he knows can travel with him if he needs it.

He consumes news and other media on his commute to work, but in order, to keep from being stressed out he doesn’t take calls or check e-mails until after noon. He has a great deal of responsibility as a producer on two other shows and as head of the Seacrest foundation, so he gets a great deal of calls and e-mails. In his early days he would try to take care of all of these concerns as soon as they came up, but he has since learned that most of them can wait until he can give them his full attention. In fact, as per GQ, Seacrest will often lock his phone when his traveling or otherwise occupied. He’s not concerned about being connected all the time, and knows that he’s important enough that the rest of the world can wait for him.

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Graeme Holm Is Taking The Financial World Head On

Graeme Holm has an interesting life story to tell. Coming from humble beginnings in Australia the future financial expert would build an incredible life for himself. Although the Mr. Holm is known in the financial world, it did not start off that way. He loved sports as a child and his future in it looked very bright. Illawarra premier league was where Graeme Holm played semi-professional soccer, or football they call it oversees. Unfortunately he would experience an injury that would end his soccer career so Graeme would have to start from scratch.

The level of passion and intensity he brought to his sports career as a soccer player, Holm would put it into the financial sector becoming a bank manager at only the tender age of 21. His career would continue blossoming in the banking industry in which Graeme would primarily focus on mortgages and home loans. He has won several awards as a financial advisor during his career. The advisor was ready for a change and so he Co-founded Infinity Group Australia. It was not all roses and butterflies the first few years were challenging, but the third year started to take off.

Like any entrepreneur Graeme Holm had his doubts but persevered in the end. He says that focusing on the positive results and happy customers instead of naysayers. One way to build his business is to utilize social media. It is a great way to connect with customers from all ages. They also have promotions with prizes every quarter year. Looking to the future of his company Graeme Holm foresees plenty of growth and customer satisfaction. They are now training people to expand their mortgage business coming soon this year. The advice that he uses to be successful is to never give up on your dreams. They take time and effort, but if you persevere you will make it. If you have a goal, make a well thought out plan, and then execute it. That is what Graeme Holm did and now he lives to tell the story of his success.

Graeme Holm is the Director and Co-founder of Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd since it opened its doors in May of 2012. With 17 years experience as the financial industry Mr. Holm knows what his customers need. He previously worked as an Australian indoor soccer representative which taught him the ins and outs of the business world. Graeme is listed as a MBA Top 100 Broker.

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José Auriemo Neto

In the year of 2007, following a Public Tender Offer (OPA), the business opened capital and started to have its shares traded on the Novo Mercado of BMF & Bovespa.

Also in 2007, JHSF acquired a vast majority stake in Fasano Group resorts. Years after, in 2014, in addition, it assumed control of the group’s restaurants.

In the conclusion of the same year, JHSF inaugurated Fazenda Boa Vista, a 12 million square meter home condominium in the city of Porto Feliz, from the state of São Paulo. Fazenda Boa Vista is considered the most luxurious condo in Brazil.

Over the next year, the company inaugurated the Horto Bela Vista Complex in Salvador, Bahia, consisting of residential towers, a college, and a mall considered the third biggest in Bahia. JHSF also operates as the parent firm of Shopping Ponta Negra, one of the main malls in Manaus, Amazonas.

In 2010, Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz was marketed to BRMalls and in 2016, the team Hemisfério Sul Investimentos reasoned the purchase of Shopping Metrô Tucuruvi. With this negotiation, JHSF consolidated its focus on the high-income sector.

In 2014, JHSF inaugurated Catarina Fashion Outlet, the primary outlet in Brazil focused on the luxury segment. The mall is part of the job that includes the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, the first private airport for executive air travel in the nation.

At precisely the same season, Eduardo Camara, till then former president took over as CEO of the holding firm and José Auriemo Neto, until then Chief Executive Officer, started acting as chairman of the board of directors.

Camara stayed in office before February 2018, when he had been substituted by Thiago Alonso de Oliveira. Along with managing director, Oliveira has accumulated the positions of principal financial officer, director of investor relations and also member of the organization’s Board of Directors.

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Michael Burwell Is Unbeatable In The Field Of Finance


Most business leaders espouse incredible advice, best ideas, and wisdom to survive even in the most complex ventures. One of the remarkable ideas, which have been made by Willis Towers Watson is the idea to hire Michael Burwell as the Chief Financial Officer in their organization. Arguably, the symbol of quality and the high-value employee is to assist any company grows. That is one of the symbols, which were reflected in the career of Mike when he offered his expertise to change the performance of Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP before he went to work at Willis Towers Watson.


Michael worked as senior personnel in the transaction services packages in the PwC. Michael held this position for more than 11 years. At PwC he did all audit related work using his auditing skills and experience for any client and delivered the best results possible. His Stint in PwC shaped his reputation, and that made him take over senior responsibilities at the PwCs central region. Michael Burwell as well appointed to be the CFO for the Global and U.S Transformation. That is one of the most fascination roles for him to be able to address the expedient challenges, which affected the growth of the firm and expunge the toxic factors.



Michael Burwell’s Successful Career

The success of Burwell is remarkable. He is known to be a great thinker who is full of creativity whenever formulating any business ideas. In his interview with Inspirery, Michael Burwell stated that most of the opinions they express come from the various professionals in the firm. He added that every person in the organization plays a significant role in defining how the organization runs day in and day out. Every perspective from any staff is considered a vital tool in creating more coherent strategies for the entire firm.


All the ideas of the individuals in the firm are well assessed before they are implemented in the Willis Towers Watson company. The leadership skills of Michael Burwell have led Willis Towers Watson to experience an incredibly exponential growth rate since he took over his role in the firm. See Related Link for additional information.



About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a graduate from the University of Michigan where he shaped his skills in acquisitions and mergers. Furthermore, Michael is a certified public accountant. All the acquired skills also gave him the energy to handle various leadership and management positions during his entire career. That well explains why Mike is considered an expert in organizational optimization and financial risk alleviating professional.



Check out his one-on-one on https://interview.net/qa-with-michael-burwell-cfo/

Infinity Group in Australia, Looking at the Long Term Picture for All Clients!

In Australia many households do not budget their money. They know the bills are due, savings needed and putting away money for retirement is necessary. Unfortunately, many households don’t understand where their hard-earned money truly goes. The percentage going toward housing, transportation, food and personal items is a mystery.


Australian households have a sensible, steady approach to financial planning available to them. Infinity is a financial services company which coaches clients on meeting their financial goals and strategies. This is available to everyone in Australia tailored to their particular needs.


Infinity Group Australia Reviews like the approach recommended for consumers. The company sticks to the basics and yields positive results. One strategy of Infinity Group is debt reduction. Infinity Group helps clients dissect their debt and focus on eliminating this debt. The group even has a financial health test for those who want to see where they stand. Debt reduction is a major goal for all clients. They help you understand your spending habits, traps from high interest credit cards and loans. Their debt reduction program is an unlimited, valuable tool consumers never forget. For example, Infinity Group suggests ways to reduce or pay off your mortgage. Reducing debt helps contribute to savings for whatever the wishes or the client. Also, reviews strongly state how comfortable customers feel asking questions.


Wealth creation is another approach Infinity Group uses with clients. The group analyzes, inspects and reports on people’s assets and investments. Creating wealth is important despite the client’s current circumstances. Implementing then starting the process toward wealth building no matter how small is most important. Infinity helps clients understand different ways of accumulating wealth. Each investment matches a time frame just for your particular needs. Long term goals, diversity, realistic expectations and most of all trusting your advisor helps guide decisions for building wealth


Finally, Infinity Group helps clients plan for retirement. Many times people fail to plan for retirement because of fear, lack of knowledge and time. Because many household neglect this important financial tool, they don’t acknowledge retirement obligations until later. They put this important step behind them. Citizens just don’t know how to formulate a course of action for retirement. Infinity offers retirement solutions. The plans allow employees to save for their future. It takes into account your future intentions.


Infinity Group Australia Reviews suggest a steady, hands on approach. Customers benefit from the extensive knowledge and strong encouragement from coaches. This boosters the anticipation and participation in each individual or family objective. Infinity Financial Group educates and empowers its clients.

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Michael Burwell And His Career In Finance

Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant with over 30 years of high-quality experience within the financial field. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting. Along with being a certified accountant, Michael Burwell is able to offer other financial services that make him a top contender in the industry. These services include mergers and acquisitions, financial advice, business startup, tax preparation and audit relief and loan financing. Michael Burwell continues his education in the field by completing courses and classes specific to finance. With his skills and experience in the field, Michael Burwell has been named one of Idea Mensch’s top 50 businessmen in the United States.


Currently, Michael Burwell is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, which is an accounting and financial advisory corporation which was founded in 2010. Michael Burwell was made the CEO of the company in 2017 after working for the company since its inception. Before he became the CEO of Willis Towers, Michael Burwell worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers for well over 30 years. In fact, after graduating from Michigan State University, Michael Burwell began his internship there, which later turned into a long and worthwhile career. He became the CFO of the Price Waterhouse Corporation in 2001 and was promoted to Lead U.S. Transactions Dealer. He was also the head audit professional for the agency, dealing mostly with corporations undergoing government audits.


Michael Burwell is an avid lover of all things sports-related and can be found either at a local sporting event or on the golf course in Michigan. He makes his home in Detroit, where he lives with his wife and three children. He believes that a strong leader is one who has a large network of both clients and corporate owners willing to affiliate with others. He can also be found jetting to different parts of the world, both for promotional purposes and to offer his financial services. He has been in France, Germany, Australia and Africa on business trips since his career started. Burwell’s future plans include creating a department specific to business startup advisory and branching out to different areas of the United States. Being one of the country’s leading financial advisors, he has worked with corporations such as Save a Heart, Ridgefield and Brooksdale. He continues to promote his business in a way that benefits both new business owners as well as large and seasoned corporations.


Read This Article to learn more.

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Matt Badiali Says, Buy Master Limited Partnerships Now

Although the price of oil has risen 38% since June 2017, the price of master limited partnerships still does not reflect this. Therefore, the prices of these high-dividend securities are low, so now is the time to buy and lock in receipt of high, mandatory dividend income.

Master limited partnerships are publicly traded like corporations, but they are structured as partnerships. The law requires to pay out at least 90% of income to the partners or owners. Typically, MLPs own energy infrastructure such as oil and natural gas pipelines, refineries and storage facilities. Their income generally depend more on the demand for energy than on the price of oil and natural gas. That’s because they function mainly as intermediaries between the original extraction from the ground and consumption by the end consumer. They in effect exact a toll on every barrel of oil and natural gas that passes through their equipment. That’s regardless of the final price the end user pays. Check more on The Third-Most Important Base Metal Is About to Rally, click here:http://retirementmillionairedaily.com/the-third-most-important-base-metal-is-about-to-rally/

Despite that, however, the market price of master limited parternships generally tracks the price of energy even though their performance is not dependent on that, as is the profits of oil and gas companies that find new sources and sell it at the gas pumps. When the market price of oil is low, investors don’t value MLPs as highly. As of the end of 2017, the price of oil is the highest it’s been in two years, but the index of MLPs is at its lowest point in those same two years. That makes master limited partnerships a terrific contrarian or value play right now.

Badiali suggests buying the JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN (NYSE: AMJ), the UBS ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure ETF (NYSE: MLPI) or the Alerian MLP ETF (NYSE: AMLP). They pay yields between 7.6% and 8.7%. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

Matt Badiali specializes in picking stocks in the natural resource sector. He believes real wealth is solid assets that produces the metal, food and energy all businesses and people need. As editor of the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter for Banyan Hill Publishing, he covers energy, mining and agriculture. He helps keep the airline business profitable by traveling around the world investigating oil wells, mines and factories. He goes where they are whether that’s Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, the Yukon or Turkey. He also goes to the top financial centers of Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore to speak directly with the CEOs and presidents of the leading energy and natural resource companies he covers.

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