Doe Deere Serves As Unexpected Inspiration For Her Fellow Artist

Finding ideas is not always a simple process. People around the world may suddenly have an idea as they are doing something else. They may also have an idea as they looking at a specific idea or image. Such was the case recently when Richard Price chose to use an image that Doe Deere had posted on her Instagram account. However, while most people choose to make it clear where they have found inspiration for their ideas, Price alas chose not to make it clear that he was using Deere’s idea as the idea behind his own thought process. He used her image to make a print of his own. Unfortunately, he failed to tell others that she was in part the source of his ideas and the source of his thought process about the print.

Not New To The World Of Art

Deere is very much someone who is at home in the world of fashion and art. In the last few years, she has been very much at the forefront of the world of fashion and where it intersects the world of makeup. Her viewpoint is one in which the world is about being to reach out to colors of all kinds and pick out which ones are right for the needs of each person. She knows that color can be the key to everything else. In her view, color needs to be used as much as possible. She wants people to forget their ideas about color and think anew about different kinds of color instead. She loves the idea that anyone can take color that appeals to them such as bright lemon yellow and use this color to help bring their own sense of art right to life.

Lime Crime

In order to help bring her ideas about color to the world of fashion, she has created a site that is all about being colorful. Lime Crime has many new shades of makeup of all kinds that people can choose to purchase for themselves from her site. She knows that her clients love color and look to her for the opportunity to be about color. Her products are designed for use on all body parts including the eyes, lips and cheeks. She knows that she can provide items that are beautiful and also unique and wonderful as well as full of color that people just truly love.

Class Dojo Is Creating Positive Communities And Improving Students Ability To Learn

It can be difficult for students and parents to stay on track when it comes to school nowadays, with so many more distractions and commitments. The most usual way for parents to get involved was through conferences with their children’s teachers, which can be a hassle with such busy schedules for both parties and turns the experience into a chore. Today, there is something better to help bring parents, students, and teachers together. Class Dojo is an educational platform focused on improving communication greatly within the school communities to create a better place for learning and a more positive environment around school.

This special learning program is keeping teachers and parents connected better than ever as well as bringing more activity and engaging students within the classroom. Parents can use the program to actively check in on their child’s progress while they are in school. Teachers connected to Class Dojo can send messages directly to parents and upload pictures, videos, and more the the apps Class Board. The app is also very accessible and can be used on most devices, such as home computers, cell phones, and tablets.

Class Dojo continues to grow and expand over time and is quickly turning into one of the most effective tools for getting students more engaged in class and building the school community. The app helps students learn more effectively with the active involvement from their parents and improves their overall confidence in themselves. Instead of parents needing to rely on conferences with their child’s teachers, they can actively stay up to date with all of their child’s progress as well as any school holidays or events that are upcoming.

With direct communication between parents and teachers available through the app, a busy schedule is no longer a problem since communicating can be done anywhere. There is no more need for calls home or sending notes to reach parents with the student. Teachers can also send out messages and special moments in school through the app to all parents connected to keep everyone informed.

The company is relatively new, starting up back in 2011 by founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The program has been widely successful and is currently being used by nearly two thirds of all United States schools. The program is also being used in more than 180 different countries around the globe supporting more than 35 languages. The learning program was designed to be free and easy to use for as long as it continues with its success. With Class Dojo, more schools can take the step towards better education and a more positive mindset around school.


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Visual Search At Slyce Propels Businesses Forward

Image recognition technology at Slyce has become one of the most-valued items in the business community. Large businesses are bidding on amazing technology that Slyce has created, and Slyce is applying the technology to several different forms of media. This article has a look at why Slyce is the image recognition king, and there is a reason why their technology has spread across the globe so quickly.

#1: What Does Slyce Visual Search Engine Do?

Slyce image recognition searches the Internet for a matching picture, or it may search an inventory record for a similar item. Businesses across the world are using Slyce technology to complete their inventories, and the image recognition technology moves faster than a traditional Internet search.

#2: The Slyce Universal Scanner

The Slyce Universal Scanner is one of the most sought-after technology upgrades in the world. THe Universal Scanner is capable of scanning any bar code created by any company, and a result will be listed in the application. Slyce produced the Universal Scanner using the same technology used to create their image recognition software, and the Universal Scanner is coveted by businesses across the globe who are in need of such a device.

#3: The Slyce-Pounce Partnership

The Slyce-Pounce partnership is the combination of shopping and image recognition under one umbrella. Slyce acquired the Pounce shopping application, and their image recognition software was added to the app. The app searches for items from around the world, and the app returns results in a few moments. Any who is unable to find the items they need may use Pounce instead of searching online.

#4: Why Is Image Recognition Important?

Image recognition software is important for the world market at-large. Businesses are in need of instant gratification, and they find instant gratification when using the image recognition technology created by companies such as Slyce. Image recognition speeds the process of searching for items, and businesses will save thousands of man-hours a year. Instant results send employees on to new tasks without slowing the business down.

The image recognition technology offered by Slyce is much more powerful than anything else in the world. They have created software that helps search the Internet or a database for an image, and a swift result is provided to every user.

Tips on How to Push Down Negative Search Results

In the perfect world, it would be easy to remove all negative and unfair search results. In reality, such content is here to stay and removing the links is near impossible. Removing what you can is necessary, but most important is creating fresh content that paints a positive image about you or your business.

Most people think by removing content from Google that’s the end. However, this content would still show up on other search engines, which begs the question how one can effectively push down negative searches. Here are tips to help you push down negative searches in the easiest manner.

Create public profiles
Some sites consistently rank high in search engines, so if you are going to have a profile on them you are likely to have your content appear on the first page of search engines. While updating the profile, ensure your privacy settings are set to public so everyone who searches about you finds the information easily. Some of the sites that are effective for this method include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and About.Me to mention few.

Comment publicly on forums and social media
Use your name and register on several websites where articles related to what you represent are published. Then submit comments on these articles and forums in the most professional manner. Post grammatically correct and intelligent comments that show the positive side about you. Posting under your real name also allows for censorship.

Link amongst your sites
Among ways in which Google ranks sites is through links pointing to a site. You can have your positive content rank highly by linking back to it through your several sites. For example, you can create a twitter account, which you can then connect with your formspring account and your Facebook page. Link all these sites to blogger or any other blogging platform you may be managing. This will help to drive search results in your favor, thereby suppressing any negative searches, making them appear in the third or fourth pages.

Embrace help from Bury Bad Articles
Bury Bad Articles is an effective online service that handles all the above mentioned techniques and many other which are more effective to help you remove negative content. The company utilizes both tools and personal engagements to help their customers bury negative content posted online about them. Bury Bad Articles has been reviewed and recommended by leading tech companies like MOZ as a reliable reputation management service.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO of Coriant, a leading innovative networking solutions company that evolves with the fast-changed world of technology. Coriant serves to conduct business in over 100 countries and is a top Tier 1 Commuincations Service Provider (CSP). Shaygan Kheradpir brings over 28 years of experience to Coriant and has served as an executive across telecom, technology and financial service industries throughout his career. He originally began his career at GET Corporation and eventually was appointed as Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. He was responsible for overseeing the infrastructure of programs and ensuring efficiency of services and innovation of new products and assemblies. While working at Verizon he oversaw the investment opportunity of over $20 billion before transferring to Barclays as the Chief of Operations and Technology Officer. While working there and overseeing the businesses transactions, he also served as a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. In addition to his roles at Barclays, he also gained leadership in a role called the TRANSFORM program. It was his responsibility to take control of the historical transformation project of the building and some of its relations. After many years at Barclays, he became the CEO of Juniper Networks where he was responsible for developing an integrated Operating Plan for the company on focused on the strategic growth of the networking company as a whole. Shaygan attended Cornell University where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering. He has taken part in multiple patents and was an active member on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Coriant provides the leading edge technology in over 100 countries and strives to offer the best services in consumer applications which include video, mobile and cloud. They work hard to enable network operations that help reduce operational difficulty and strive to improve the utilization of resources for their multi-layer network. They provide fixed line service providers, content providers, cloud and data operations along with cable MSOs. They also service large businesses, government agencies, financial businesses and institutions, and many utility companies. Their mission and main goal is to enable network operations to create a maximized environment that values their networks of transport and increase power to the end-user’s experience so they can enjoy the world of networking. Shaygan Kheradpir, along with his many years of experience in the industry, will strive to enhance and continues with the best networking solutions for the end-user’s experience.

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Compliance Officers of Growing Importance in Corporate World

There are going to be times when corporate officers are going to be the saving grace for large corporations. Helane Morrison is the general counsel that has kept Hall Capital on the straight and narrow path, and I think that other corporate structures should take note of this.

It is definitely time for corporations to emulate the leadership of Hall Capital. This is going to be important in a world where corruption is everywhere that one looks. I have seen a lot of top executives go up in flames as the companies that they led fall apart. When there is no compliance officer in place to do their job things can become chaotic. I have seen the resume that Helane Morrison has built, and I do not think that Hall Capital CEO Kathryn Hall has anything to worry about. Helane Morrison is more than qualified to do the job.

This is important in any company, but it is especially important in the world of investments. Hall Capital is an investment company. More than $28 billion is managed by the employees at Hall Capital. I am certain that all the investors that have portfolios here are interested in having someone like Helane Morrison to make sure that these employees are in compliance. There are offices in San Francisco and New York, and Helane Morrison knows her way around both areas.

Morrison was born in Brooklyn, NY and she has spent a considerable amount of her life in San Francisco, CA. She is known as the former regional direction for the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commissions. She has a law degree and a ton of experience under her belt. I think that this makes her standout as someone that is designed to handle these types of compliance issues with a high level of efficiency. I don’t know of any other companies that have someone that has the same extensive background. When it comes to experience in compliance issues Helane Morrison is top notch.

Hall Capital has the ability to thrive and avoid corporate scandal because the compliance officer that is in the driver’s seat is an investigative pro. She has done a great job of keeping companies from falling to the depths of destruction. Morrison has also pointed out the areas of corruption for those corporate executives that failed to obey the law. That made her quite valuable in corporate America.

Madison Street Capital COO Recognized For Exceptional Services in the Investment Industry

Anthony Marsala, the Co-founder, and the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital have been recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). NACVA was looking for nominee under 40 who have achieved exceptional advances in mergers and acquisition, financial forensics, business valuation, litigation consulting, and related professions.


The honorees for this prestigious award were chosen from by Executive Staff of Consultants Training Institute (CTI) and NACVA that comprised notable business leaders. It was reported that decision-making process was tough to process since the judges were overwhelmed with the quality of candidates. Marsala was recognized for Under Forty Recognition Program that seeks to the opportunity to give voice the next generation of the industry leaders by acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishment and contribution both in the industry and their community.


The honorees from different parts of the world were selected from 125 nominees selected by NACVA and CTI. All candidates have made exceptional advances in their field, and these rising stars were featured in different series of press releases. Mr., Marsala has been instrumental in improving the Madison Street Capital presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa. As the Chief Operating Officer of the firm, he oversees analytical teams that carry out mergers and acquisitions functions as well as Corporate Finance for the firm’s clients.


Over the past 13 years, Mr. Marsala has specialized in mergers and acquisition, corporate finance, and business valuation and has carried out extensive transactional engagements and valuation for multitude of companies in different industries. Primarily, he has been focusing on early stage ventures and middle market companies. To name a few, Mr. Marsala has worked on various engagements in the technology sector, agriculture, staffing, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, food, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology.


Marsala went to Loyola University of Chicago where he studied a dual major in Finance and Information Systems. He also holds Masters Diploma in Strategy for Business School at the University of Oxford. He is also a member of American Society of Appraisers and National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.


Madison Street Capital has emerged as an international Investment banking that has demonstrated its commitment to integrity, service, and excellence in delivering mergers and acquisition expertise, valuation services, financial opinion, and financial advisory services to both publicly and privately held companies. The firm’s exceptional services are designed to position its clients to succeed in global platforms.


One fundamental characteristic that has informed Madison Street Capital success is the fact that every client’s objectives are treated as the firm goals. As a result, the firm has earned trust and created a huge base of clients all over the world. Moreover, and the firm views emerging market as a critical component that is driving global growth and has continued to allocate significant resources to these markets.

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Igor Cornelsen Shows Brazil Banks Can Compete

International investors look at the bottom line of return on investment (ROI). When Brazil banks are compared to their global competitors, they end up faring very well. Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen explains why.

“Brazil Has Private & Public Banks”

Just like the United States, Brazil has both public and private banks. This system allows for the private banks to concentrate on making ample profits by loaning money to high net-worth individuals. Brazil banks have an impressive ROI. reported that “Brazilian banks [were] more profitable than Americans for the eighth consecutive year (2004 to 2011).” Brazil banks earned an ROI of 13.97% in 2011, while US banks earned a rate of 7.63%. Thus, the pattern of domination continues, kind of like the Brazil soccer team’s dominance over the US soccer team.

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“Brazil Continues to Impress”

If you have a wealth portfolio, you can’t argue with success. You need to earn the highest ROI for your clients. An interview with CNBC to Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen explained why Brazil would continue to earn healthy profits. There are numerous banks in Brazil, but Itau, Banco do Brazil and Bradesco are the top three private banks.

Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen worked in the industry. He has an inside knowledge of all facets of the sector. He can identify which Brazil banks might be the best for different risk tolerance levels. Eight straight years of Brazil banks beating US banks – that is impressive.

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Crystal Hunt Stars in Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is the thrill-filled comedic sequel to the movie Magic Mike of 2012. The premise of the movies is based around Tampa, Florida native Mike Lane, played by heart throb Channing Tatum. The first movie is based around Tatum’s rise to fame after being discovered while stripping in a Tampa area strip club with a dance crew known as the Kings. In the sequel, Mike has been retired from stripping for three years but has grown to miss the business and the friends he had in Tampa. When the friends decide to look him up on their way to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Mike Lane will get his chance to reconnect.

The sequel also introduces a new love interest for the dancer, played by the beautiful and talented actress Crystal Hunt. Hunt, originally from Clearwater Florida according to Facebook, began her career at the early age of just six months old, when she began entering beauty pageants. Due to her beauty and talent she was fairly successful in the pageant world. Her parents enrolled her in singing and acting classes as a child to help her hone her skills for pageants, and what they hoped would be a real career down the line. Crystal has loved the spotlight ever since she was a young girl and she is not shying away from it as an adult. She has since grown into acting and held down a couple of jobs on soap operas including “One Life to Live” and “Guiding Light”. In 2005, she was nominated for awards for her work on soap operas for the Soap Opera Digest Awards and the Daytime Emmys. She has also had the honor of working with major stars, such as N’SYNC and Tom Hanks in both singing and acting capacities. Wanting to expand her career even further, Crystal has also begun to work as a television and film producer.  She’s also become quite the photographer.

Beneful’s Tasty and Healthy Dog Food Products

Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful Baked Delight “Heartfuls” are dog treats that look just like sweet shortbread cookies for human beings. Heartfuls, true to the name, are also shaped like small and cute hearts. These oven-baked treats are a big hit with canines that like the meaty taste of bacon. They’re also a big hit with canines that enjoy fruity apple flavoring. The middle parts of Baked Delight Heartfuls, after all, have smooth apple tastes. These baked treats are made in handy 8.5 ounce pouches exclusively.
Beneful “Incredibites” are wet dog food formulas [] that exist in three enjoyable flavors. These are salmon, chicken and beef. The beef formula is centered around genuine meat that’s absolutely loaded with protein. This wet food can be great for pooches that love strong and delicious tastes. It’s a balanced and complete mix that includes, apart from beef, carrots, wild rice and tomatoes. The wet food is suitable for adult dogs that are small. The formula is cut into tiny bites that are a breeze for the little guys to manage. Owners can buy Incredibites in 3 ounce cans.

Beneful “Medleys” are also a success among dog owners and their pets. One beloved Medley is called the Romana Style Medley. This is a wet food that’s ideal for owners who like to mix their pets’ meals. The Romana Style Medley can be a fantastic choice for owners who want to give their pooches food that’s reminiscent of the boot-shaped nation, Italy. It’s a complete and balanced canine food that consists of chicken, spinach, carrots and even pasta. Dogs can eat these wet meals alone. Owners can also choose to blend them in with other foods. The Romana Style Medley is made in 3 ounce cans.

Beneful‘s “Healthy Weight” dry dog food is a well-known product for owners who want to help their pets maintain healthy bodies. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon.Farm-raised chicken is Healthy Weight’s main ingredient. This dry dog food mixes chicken with vegetables and whole grains. The vegetables in Healthy Weight are green beans and carrots. The food even provides dogs with fruity goodness in the form of apples. Size options for Healthy Weight range from 3.5 pound bags to 44 pound bags.