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Wikipedia is the commonly known online platform that offers collaborative encyclopedia. It is known that Wikipedia page creation operates through devolving power from the top and give every one liberty to create and distribute knowledge. But this turns out to be fiction and nothing like that happens within Wikipedia. The company has changed from its early stages of leadership and adopted kind of corporate bureaucracy doing away with intermediaries. This caused Wikipedia to demolish a top-down operational structure among the contributors and editors.


The used to be egalitarian system collapsed and in between the operational structure emerged called Super-contributors and contributors which come into the management with their own editorial rights and privileges that make people ask how to get on Wikipedia. The super contributors had more power than the contributors because super-contributors were not supported to be linked with contributors. Research conducted by Simon DeDeo and Bradi Heaberlin from Indiana University covered 15 years of Wikipedia management and the way power is decentralized. They gathered to analyze Wikipedia data within this period and considered more than 5 million articles that were the work of its contributors.


The research revealed that though the community is governed by over 30,000 people. There is a power of bureaucracy raising in within the system that was once decentralized. The center stage in Wikipedia is dominated by few 100 users who are the master in regulating the interaction of the community. These 100 people who manage the interaction of the community use the core “norm” that dedicates how people can manage their content by selecting and editing.


These norms to make a Wikipedia page were established to be removed in near future but the norms rooted in the system. They were established by early users that over time evolved to be permanent. Wikipedia’s early decentralized systems developed bureaucracies that existed to be independent of each other and developed leadership class with advantaged access to information and social work. These decentralized democratic systems were article quality, content policy cooperation, and administrators


Wikipedia is an online interactive podium that empowers businesses to make significant changes of contents where they feel there is need to do selection and perform numerous editing. The platform comes with various benefits for personal standings or business. For example , business may get published on Wikipedia to enhance the search visibility in search engines results , produce increase in sales, and can offer significant enhancement to your business or personal image.


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The Courageous Colors Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the hottest makeup lines around today. The makeup line utilizes boldly unique colors that no other line can quite match. Their trademark item is lip color. There are three main lines: Velvetines, Perlees, and Unicorn Lipstick. Unicorn Lipstick was the first to hit the market in 2009. Today all three are a favorite among Lime Crime’s strong following.

In fact, Lime Crime consistently receives fan photos depicting their customers wearing the lip finishes. The photos can be seen on their blog. The blog also contains interviews with celebrities, celebrity makeup artists, upcoming item releases, and beauty trends. The makeup company has truly transcended into a brand.

The company had humble beginnings. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008. Deere was living in New York City and making clothing to sell online. She couldn’t find any makeup that matched the clothing she had made. So she took it upon herself to make her own colors and from there the business sprouted.

So how do you get the Lime Crime look? A great option is getting a Venus palette which contains several different eye shadow colors. Popular palettes are Venus: Grunge and Venus 2. There are also bundles that include eye and lip color. The best part is that there are so many looks you can achieve with Lime Crime products. An especially popular look right now is the dark posh look. To get this look grab the Venus: Grunge eye shadow palette and Unicorn Lipstick color Styletto. Don’t forget to post a photo of yourself with #limecrime and keep any eye out to see if you make it onto the blog!

The Ventures of White Shark Media

The Company White Shark Media, was started in 2010 in Miami, Florida. They are a search marketing agencies on Facebook, who specialize in offering Bing Ad’s Management and Adwords to small and medium sized business. The current chief marketing officer is Andrew Lolk. Some of the major clients that they service are iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and the Platinum Pro Painters Canada. has had several complaints in the past, while some of these have been client, White Shark Media Review has had it’s own share of complaints as well. They have reached a point where they’ve admitted to making their own fair share of mistakes and have paid for these mistakes, but this has only made their service better as an outcome. One of these complaints was that the client has lost touch with their AdWords Campaign, now to avoid White Shark Media Complaints now explains all of the ins and outs for the new campaigns. One way that this done is through scheduling a monthly status with calls to GoTomeeting, as well as having phone systems that have direct extensions. Amongst some of the other complaints, there have been complaints from and old campaign was working better then a new campaign to a majority of customers are contacting the operator over the phone.
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White Shark Media Reviews

Along with these complaints over the past few years, they have also had a good share of reviews, there are three areas in which a review can be made, these are industry, geography and services. In the industry reviews, these can be made anywhere from appliances to video production services and really any services that one could think of in between. Within the geography reviews these are reviews that come out of Canada, International and in the USA. Services reviews include the four services which is offered by White Shark Review which includes PPC, SEM, SEO and WEB. There are also case studies included in with the rest of the reviews. In the way of reviews, there are very few bad reviews that are shown, most of the reviews are praising the company, weather this be talking about how good their services are, helping people to build up their small business, to helping with the sales that come from helping with these business. If your trying to get your small business off the ground and get yourself out there, then it seems like white shark media is the place to go to.

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Skout’s Newest Charity On National Superhero Day


Being A Superhero For A Day

Do you like to think of yourself as a superhero? When we were children, we would run around the house and in the backyard, playing games that kept up entertained when we were not doing school work. We played all sorts of games like that. As children, we used our imaginations to entertain us. Now, we still have our imaginations, but sometimes we forget to use them. One of the best games that I remember playing as a child was when we would pretend to be superheroes. I specifically remember my neighbor coming over my house one day to play this imaginary game where we would be superheroes in order to save our stuffed animals and toys.

Being a superhero was fun, and we still have those memories to look back on. However, it is certainly a pleasure when someone or something reminds us that we can be brave, we can help others and that people need our help. It just so happened to be National Superhero Day a few days ago, back in the end of April. April 28th is the day for appreciating superheroes. If you are a fan of superheroes and super powers, then you would certainly have enjoyed taking part in Skout’s most recent survey. Skout does a lot of surveys during the year to honor special holidays that are fun to celebrate. Their survey on National Superhero Day included questions about who your favorite heroes are, what your favorite superhero vehicle is, and other fun topics. It really made me reminisce about being a superhero for a day.

Skout’s Charity On National Superhero Day

In addition to conducting their survey, Skout actually made an effort to impact other people’s lives on National Superhero Day by developing a charitable program that functions in the Skout community via their application. Skout is one of the largest and most friendly online dating apps and social media apps out there today. It is free to download Skout’s app, and it is easy to start using Skout to find friends or other relationships in your area or around the world. Skout even has a travel feature on their app that allows the user to talk to people in other countries, which is a great tool when you are traveling. To read more about Skout’s charity, check out PR Newswire’s article.


The Importance of Hair Care

Hair care is one very important aspect of one’s appearance. It is not enough for women to grow their hair out. They also have to maintain it so that it could have a great appearance. However, a lot of formulas have a lot of chemicals in it that could damage hair. For this reason, it is important for them to read up on the ingredients of each item that they are interested in. Among the items that women are looking at is Wen Hair by Chaz ( Wen has made such a wave in the market of hair care. One woman has decided to give it a try the Sephora fog version for herself and she has released the results on Bustle.
Among the things that she has noticed is that her hair is shinier as a result of using the formula. For one thing, this formula is many different fluids in one. It is a shampoo, and it is also a conditioner. As a result, one only has to use it once in order to get the desired cleansing and conditioning effect. Wen hair removes the need to put in the shampoo and then the conditioner. This is one of the reasons many people are interested in the product.

When it comes to hair care, one does have to condition it so that it could have a better look to it. Without conditioner, the hair could look wild and out of control. Therefore, stylist Chaz Dean provides all of the conditioning needed for hair care. The lady that tried the item on a blog has seen the product on an infomercial that claimed that it could give anyone the type of hair that celebrities get to experience. This was enough to bring out curiosity in her. Overall, she is very satisfied with the product and would recommend it. For more info, visit

Shaq: Slam Dunk Apartments

Shaquille O’Neal is literally and figuratively one of the biggest stars in the world. He has had success after his NBA career and during his NBA career, winning five titles. Now, he’s trying his hand in building apartments in Atlantic City. He is enlisting the helped of seasoned pro Wasseem Boraie to help him with this cause. It might be another team similar to him and Kobe Bryant when it comes to success, as he is highly motivated to make this a reality.

Shaq is the type of person that when he puts his mind to something, he can do just about anything. There isn’t much stopping the guy and he is filled with confidence, charisma, and charm, which is sure to help him in this field along with the aide of Wasseem Boraie.

He has picked the right man in Wasseem Boraie, a developer with loads of experience. What Shaq doesn’t know, he will be able to help him with and he will guide him along the way. Wasseem Boraie is wise to see that Shaq is someone that is still highly popular after his pro career. He does NBA on TNT and he was also on a recent episode of the comedy, Fresh of the Boat, the ABC hit comedy. As far as Waseem Boraie is concerned, he has overseen the development of a ton of buildings and this is a match made in heaven, without question.

Atlantic City is a hopping area filled with lots of opportunity and lots of great locations. Their plan is to build a $61 million apartment complex near the shuttered Revel casino. It’s currently being looked over, but with Shaq and Waseem working together, it is sure to go off without a hitch. It will be highly profitable and successful.

Boraie is excited about this and can’t wait to get started with it. Of course, there is some red tape to go through, but nothing that he hasn’t seen before and nothing that he can’t handle. When I first heard about this team and the opportunities it could present, I knew it was going to be a hit. I still feel that way and I’m excited to see where it goes next and what the future holds for it. This is definitely something to keep an eye on in the future, as the possibilities are endless. It’s only going to grow bigger and bigger.

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Windfall for Sanjay Shah

In the last few years, there has been great concern about finances and financial security. That is why hearing stories about those who have turned a profit or been financial successful is so refreshing. One of those stories is about Sanjay Shah and his company, Solo Capital.
The fact that they did so well means good things for this company. Solo Capital is a financial services company that is located in London, England. They have several different specialties. These specialties include proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. These are extremely lucrative fields and look well upon the company as a whole.
The fact that Solo Capital is doing so well is thanks in part to its founder and CEO. The founder and CEO is Sanjay Shah. Sanjay has done many amazing things beyond his work with Solo Capital. He desired to work with autism. That lead him to creating an organization called Autism Rocks.
Autism Rocks is an organization that was originally founded with the help of Snoop Dogg. This organization works with many famous singers to help raise awareness for autism as well as help with autism research. That Sanjay Shah looks beyond business to try to help others speaks very highly for both himself and his company.
The CEO is both a brilliant businessman and a very generous individual. Having someone who knows how to juggle a successful career with a wonderful and generous cause bodes very well for all of those who are looking to do business with the gentleman.

Michael Zomber: Historian Writer

For as long as Michael Zomber can remember, he has always been passionate about writing. He credits himself with being a storyteller at heart and feels like he has so many stories to offer and to tell the world. One day his wife encouraged him to write screenplays, which formed the basis of several of his novels. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Psychology. Michael went on to complete his Master’s Degree in English Literature at UCLA. He currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, Andrea and two young children. His wife is President of Renascent Films, which is an independent film production and distribution company. With their company, Michael was able to write and produce a full-length documentary film titled The Soul of the Samurai. This independent documentary received high praise from critics. He has also written more than a dozen screenplays and historical novels, and has also written a non-fiction book. All of his published works are currently in print and can be found on, at local bookstores, and even at local libraries.

Michael Zomber has also been featured on different TV series, such as History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series where he shares his expertise on antique arms and armor. He has over forty years of antique experience, and is also an expert on Japanese samurai swords, as well as Bushido. This is a man who knows antiques and can tell you anything you need to know regarding these items. He is a guy you can trust to know exactly what he is talking about when it comes to Japanese samurai swords, antique arms and armor. He feels that the world is rich in history and wants to share his knowledge with everyone through storytelling.  Read more about Michael and his passion for history.

Results Announced: The Effect of Wen By Chaz on Thin Hair

This article is a quick recap of a article:
Fashion columnist and now twitter celebrity Emily McClure decided to give WEN a try on her hair. She was aware that she was taking a risk, because not all beauty products work on hair in the ideal way. However, the results she found were surprising.

Day 1: With frizzy hair, Emily applied the cleansing conditioner to her hair, took a shower, then rinsed her hair. She noticed that her hair was somewhat thicker. She says “It actually felt like I had more hair.” She also noticed that less of her hair strands were falling out in the shower.

Day 7: On the final day of her experiment, Emily was still waking up a little early to take a shower and style her hair. She realized her hair looked as great as ever. Her curls were shiny and full.

In her concluding thoughts, Emily says that Wen By Chaz is a fantastic product, especially for those with thinner hair. Just don’t skip a day, she suggests, because continuing the routine is key to achieving the look you want. Whenever she desires a little more shine, she knows that she can add extra conditioner and go through the day with more confidence. And really, that’s the best thing a hair product can provide.

Wen By Chaz is a unique hair care product sold by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a celebrity hair specialist whose client list is filled with A-listers. He has made a name for himself as a zen-like stylist who delivers incredible results.

This promoted brand is unique because it offers a 5-in-1 conditioner that cleanses. You don’t need to use shampoo. This is thanks to the cleanser removing sulfates and adding moisture. The ingredients include soothing chamomile, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract (for soothing your hair), and other healthy additions. Like Wen on facebook:

Why Does OrganoGold Taste So Good Even Today?

Every grower in the world has been under a lot of pressure to do their farming in a specific way that meets the standards of the rest of the industry. The problem with those standards is that they are trying to slowly move people to organic growing while OrganoGold has been organic since it was started. Bernardo Chua runs the company today, and he is trying to do modern things while keeping the company in a really traditional mold.

The tradition at OrganoGold is the organic flavor, and it does taste better than everything else that people are drinking. The organic growing has always made better tea and coffee, and people have always preferred OrganoGold when they taste it. That is why people are selling the tea and coffee privately, and it is why people are selling it on their own. The company allows people to sell out of their homes, and it keeps the tea and coffee in the family.

The family is about to get bigger because Bernardo Chua wants to come over to North America to sell his coffee and tea. There are a lot of people who are going to want to sell these coffees and teas for a profit, and there are even more people who are going to want to buy his new energy drink called Gano Excel. Gano Excel is going to use the organic products in the energy drink, but it is going to make it give people the same energy they would get from other drinks that have chemicals.

The company is planning to keep up its organic growing forever, and they are going to bank on the fact that the energy drink is going to be the most popular part of their lineup. People buy the coffee and tea a lot, but it is not going to be as popular as an organic drink. Something that people love is the way that Gano Excel is giving them a natural option that will fit in with their lifestyle. The lifestyle that people want to keep to is easier to keep when they are using Gano Excel, and it is going to be much easier for people to keep up when they are energetic. Everyone who loves the OrganoGold brand starts selling it, and they are going to teach their kids and families to make sure that they are always customers of OrganoGold.

Bernardo Chua himself is a multiple award winner, and the unique strategy he has devised for Organo really shows his business genius.  In fact, GoLifePro had a great article on Bernardo Chua and what he’s done for Organo to really progress them forward.  It should be recommended reading.  Just as Chua’s YouTube speech to the Organo faithful should be required viewing.